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%100 Quarantine

Gas Smoke Alarm


Control Panel

Test I/O

Resistant Gloves for Chemical and Biological Risks

Serial Number for Each cabin


Language Option

What is Bioterrorism?

Bioterrorism is a form of terrorism where there is the intentional release of biological agents (bacteria, viruses or other germs). This is also referred to as germ warfare. In addition to biological agents, terrorists can also utilize traditiona lweapons (guns), chemical agents and nuclear bombs. While a biological agent may injure or kill people, animals, orplants, the goal for theterrorist is to further their social and political goals by making their civilian targets feel as if their government cannot protect them. Many biological agents are found in nature; however, they can be modified by the terrorist to make them more dangerous. Some of these agents can be transmitted from person to person, and the infection may take hours or days to become apparent.


What is Postest? How it is work?

Postest® is a specially designed patented security cabin produced by our company where you can control&open your incoming posts and cargos securely against any biological terrorist attack. (specially suspicious packages which may contain viruses like; Sars, Anthrax, Botulinumtoxin, Tularemia, etc)

What is Postest Safety Cabin


Postest is saving lives , watch trailer and learn how to use it...